Corporate Social Responsibility

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At Fruit of the Loom, Inc., we believe that successful companies need healthy societies. We embrace the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR), by adding value to the communities in which we operate while maintaining a competitive and profitable business. Please take some time to explore the pages below to learn more about our commitment to CSR.

A major focus of our CSR effort stems from our desire to make a positive impact on the quality of life for those touched by the production and consumption of our products. From those who wear our products, to those who work for us or live in areas where we operate, we are committed to contributing to the increase of their social and economic strength; we work to create an environment that fosters empowerment by ensuring respect for human rights and the law, promoting healthy lifestyles, and providing individuals with opportunities to maximize their potential through education and community support.

Our company has a long-standing commitment to conduct business in an ethical manner, ensuring respect for human rights and the law. We select business partners who share that commitment, and, as indicated in our Code of Conduct, we endeavor to maintain consistent standards in all facilities involved in the manufacture and distribution of our products.

We also adhere to a comprehensive compliance program that includes third-party monitoring of our owned and operated facilities, as well as those of our independent contractors. This program assures that our suppliers meet all applicable laws and regulations regarding employment, labor, worker health and safety and the provision of services related to the manufacture of our apparel.