Fruit of the Loom El Salvador Offers Shelter to Mothers at National Hospital

A renovated shelter for mothers who have their children admitted to the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Santa Ana, and who spend long time waiting for their recovery, was inaugurated on May 29 by the Foundation Rafael Meza Ayau. The project was conducted in coordination with institutions such as the Rotary Club, the German Heart Foundation and International companies such as Fruit of the Loom and Telus.

Roberto Murray Meza, President of the Foundation, said that the entity he directs has always been attentive to the needs of the public hospital but have concentrated a bit more in the pediatric area since 1928, when it was founded through the collaboration of his grandmother Angela de Meza Ayau.

"We are continuing a legacy we have received from our grandfather who migrated from Guatemala to Santa Ana in the 1880s and grew to love Santa Ana, and when he began to have some success in their companies was the one who he laid the foundation stone in this hospital, and my grandmother then continued with this hostel that bears his name: Angela de Meza Ayau; and the second generation who are my uncles continued this relationship with the hospital, and I'm the third generation and continue with that relationship, "said the renowned businessman.

Murray Meza added that "there were several companies that already had some identification with the hospital; we agreed very quickly and everyone put what they could, and the projects have been coordinated in a way that they were effectively executed, on time."

The hostel project went through several stages: the first consisted of the renovation of the area that was in disuse and improvement and purchase of furniture with an investment above $65,000. Other phases will include renovation and equipping of Pediatrics; a payout above one million is being contemplated.

The Deputy Director of the hospital of Santa Ana, German Arevalo, said with the new facility the mothers who need to stay for night hours inside the hospital a healthier space will have this provided to them.

"There are women who spend at least seven days in the hospital, most are in the rural area of San Ana," he said. Click here to read more.

Fruit of the Loom El Salvador Offers Shelter to Mothers at National Hospital