Our Supply Chain

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Direct Supply Chain

We have several diferent types of relationships with the facilities manufacturing our products.

  • Internal Facility: A factory that we operate. We have the internal capability to knit the yarn and transform the fabric into a finished product.
  • Agent: An entity that acts on the behalf of another. The agent could facilitate development, procurement of raw materials, production management, and/or quality audits for FOTL (or its affiliate) at a negotiated fee.
  • Factory: The physical location where goods are being produced or warehoused.
  • Subcontractor: Any business other than the Supplier to which FOTL (or its affiliate) has issued its purchase order that performs a process directly related to the production of the product for FOTL by the Supplier. Examples of subcontracted processes could be cutting, sewing, or any operation thereafter (e.g., embroidery, printing, or laundering of a branded finished product).

We monitor the working conditions at all internal facilities, factories, and subcontractors and you can view each of these facilities in the map below. Read more about the monitoring activities in Code of Conduct Assessment Process.

Licensing Supply Chain

A licensee is the legal entity that has signed a license with FOTL, entitling them to use one or more of the FOTL trademarks on specified goods, in a limited territory. Our licensees have similar supply chains to ours. Licensee suppliers must abide by our Code of Conduct and are monitored in the same manner as our direct suppliers. Read more about the monitoring activities in Code of Conduct Assessment Process.

Click on a country on the map above, or use the select box below, for a list of our suppliers in the corresponding area

Click on a country in the map or the drop menu to view the list of suppliers in a country.

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