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Case Study

Closing the Loop

Zero Waste to Landfill

We achieved zero waste to landfill in all our own facilities in 2018 and 2019. This means we have been able to recycle or repurpose the waste streams from our operations, diverting upwards of 95% from going to landfill. We exceed the Zero Waste International Alliance business recognition program requirements based on their definition of diverting 90% or more of all discarded resources from landfill. In many cases, this has been achieved through collaborations across the supply chain, most notably with our textile fiber recycling partnership with Martex.

Case Study: Closing the Loop on Fiber

We partner with Martex Fiber to recycle all of the waste fibers from our textile and sewing facilities. Since 2010, we have recycled over 576 million pounds of cotton and cotton/polyester blends into recycled fibers that have been used in various industries. Fibers that cannot be recycled have been repurposed into stuffing for mattresses, car seats and more.


Melanie Cressman
Director of Corporate Communications