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Case Study


Recycled Polyester

Integrating recycled polyester comes with challenges for our business. There are quality differences in the fiber due to different sources, limited availability and higher prices due to the higher demand. Our sourcing and marketing teams worked closely with yarn and fabric suppliers to define a list of priority styles to transition to recycled polyester. We began collaborating with our key suppliers on a plan to procure recycled fiber/yarn, as well as prepare their manufacturing facilities to handle higher volumes of recycled polyester. COVID-19 delayed this testing in 2020, but it has now resumed, and we plan to begin the transition to recycled polyester by the end of 2021 for several product lines.

Recycled Nylon

We made progress on our goal to source 30% recycled nylon by 2030, by identifying potential suppliers for both recycled nylon and spandex. These fibers are primarily used in our women’s underwear lines. We have more work to do to develop the right consumer proposition for recycled materials in intimate apparel, and we made a strategic decision to focus our efforts on polyester for the short term.


Melanie Cressman
Director of Corporate Communications