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Case Study

Upcycled Street Fashion

We partnered our Russell Athletic brand with retail brand and custom apparel maker KITH in 2020 for an upcycled collection of streetwear. The limited-release collection featured vintage Russell Athletic pieces collected from all over the U.S. that were cut and entirely reconstructed according to a patchwork pattern to create one of four silhouettes. Each item created was completely unique, a “one of one,” and represented the blending of the past and present through the enduring quality of Russell Athletic fleece material.

A similar limited-release upcycled collection developed with Russell Athletic overstocked items and designers Nicole McLaughlin and Dao-Yi Chow launched in April 2021, rising to the needs of changing consumer attitudes around the consumption of apparel.

Just as in pulling together fine collections like these, we continue to gather new ideas and innovations from across all of our brands, our supply chain and our entire Company network around the globe, bringing it all together in the service of responsibility to the environment, our communities and each other. It takes all of us.


Melanie Cressman
Director of Corporate Communications