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Brands on a Mission

Our brands' contribution to our goal of reaching three million people by the end of 2027.

Fruit of the Loom®

Fruit of the Loom is proud of our diverse consumer base. As part of our D&I initiatives, we are focused on representing everybody and every body. This includes new product offerings in our Fit for Me and Big & Tall lines, and introducing a variety of new skin tone colors FPO and styles for intimate apparel. We are also featuring diverse models of various body shapes, sizes and skin tones in our marketing imagery, from packaging to online content.

Russel Athletic®

Russell Athletic continued to partner with diverse collaborators such as Ceeze to create upcycled designs with inventory from the Russell archives. We paired up with Super Skate Posse to reach kids in underserved communities in order to make the mental health benefits of skating more accessible and inclusive. We also supported these causes with donated apparel for regional events.


Spalding creates meaningful products and connections that support equality, uplift communities and push the culture of sport forward. In 2021, we partnered with the National Gay Basketball Association (NGBA), our third consecutive year, to provide equipment and sponsored security to ensure its athletes had a safe space to play. We donated Spalding basketballs to SOKY Magic, the new NGBA team in Bowling Green, KY — home to our Company headquarters. We also joined forces with APEX for Youth, a nonprofit for American Asian and Pacific Islander immigrant children, to provide free basketball equipment for their camps and summer leagues.

Vanity Fair®

At Vanity Fair, we aim to be a welcoming brand that is reflective of the diverse community of women we serve. And now more than ever, modern women want to see themselves reflected in the content they consume. This is why we have trained our teams on both sensitivity in the marketplace and fit protocol for all genders. The result? Our teams are more knowledgeable about how to navigate diversity with sensitivity. We also launched two new basic skin tone colors in key bra collections. And we are featuring more models and influencers of color — as well as fuller-busted, larger body types in our marketing imagery.


Melanie Cressman
Director of Corporate Communications