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Progress Toward 100% Responsibly Sourced Packaging

From forest to vendor, we have been tracking and adjusting our processes for paper packaging for a few years — and we are ready to increase our commitment to forest conservation. Our goal? To increase recyclable paper packaging by certifying 100% of all retail paper packaging with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) chain of custody standard by 2025.

This widely recognized certification means that the paper in our retail packaging comes from responsibly managed forests, where biodiversity is maintained and protected. In 2021, we began sourcing FSC paper packaging from our suppliers for Vanity Fair and Fruit of the Loom products. By the end of 2022, nearly 90% of cardboard retail packaging was FSC certified through our suppliers across brands Fruit of the Loom, Russell Athletic, Spalding and Vanity Fair lingerie.

“We appreciate the depth and level of transparency that FSC provides to our suppliers, and ultimately to consumers. Being able to trace the chain of custody all the way from forest to vendor was an important, distinguishing element of FCS certification compared to others,” says Jennifer Sims, Director of Supply Chain Packaging for Fruit of the Loom, Inc.

This initiative is part of a larger strategy within our Fruitful Futures sustainability plan to have 100% recyclable paper packaging by 2022 and to increase recycled content in our plastic packaging by 2025. In addition to FSC-certified retail packaging, all e-commerce bags are now made with 100% recycled plastic, and our retail bags are made with 60% recycled plastic.

As new products launch across our brand portfolio, we will continue to prioritize sustainable retail packaging options. Keep an eye out for FSC labels on Fruit of the Loom products later this year.

Responsible Packaging

Melanie Cressman
Director of Corporate Communications