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Our Company

We are a leading global company specializing in the design, manufacture, and marketing of products that bring comfort, performance, and fun to everyday moments. We are backed by a family of brands that has been enriching lives for over a century.

We’re willing to bet that you already have memories of us, and we’re working hard each day to make even more. So check us out, join our team, and make us a part of your every day.

Fruit of the Loom, Inc. is an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

Historical Facts

  • In 1851, brothers Benjamin and Robert
    Knight attain full-ownership of the
    Pontiac Mill in Warwick, RI. This is where Fruit of the Loom muslins
    are first produced and sold in 1856.

  • BB&R Knight adopts the name
    “Fruit of the Loom”
    for textiles.

  • The name “Fruit of the Loom
    receives U.S. patent number 220,
    one of the first 500 ever created.

  • Spalding introduces the first
    official Major League baseball. It remains the official ball of the league
    for the next 100 years.

  • Fruit of the Loom
    introduces consumers to the
    Unconditional Guarantee.

  • Spalding works with
    James W. Naismith* to produce the
    world’s first basketball.
    *The inventor of the game

  • The Reading Glove and
    Mitten Company (Vanity Fair)
    is founded in Reading Pa.

  • The Russell Manufacturing Company is incorporated with Benjamin Russell as President.

  • Vanity Fair creates women’s lingerie
    for the first time from silk
    used in manufacturing gloves.

  • Vanity Fair is established as the
    brand name for the Reading Glove and
    Mitten Company’s silk underwear line. The name was established through a naming
    contest and the winner received $25.

  • The Vanity Fair® silk underwear
    line is so successful
    that the
    Company name is changed to
    Vanity Fair Silk Mills.

  • Union Underwear president
    Jack Goldfarb introduces the
    multi-pack boxer. This introduces America to a new way of buying
    underwear, jumpstarting a trend that
    becomes the industry standard.

  • During WWII, Vanity Fair
    was the first to make uniform
    slips for the Women’s Air Corp
    and silk parachutes for the Army.

  • Union Underwear becomes the
    #1 underwear manufacturer for
    the armed forces during WWII.
    50,000,000 pairs of shorts were donated to the
    armed forces, and t-shirts were provided for the Navy.

  • Vanity Fair receives a Coty Award
    for excellence in design, a first for a lingerie manufacturer.

  • Russell is included
    in the Fortune 500.

  • Fruit of the Loom is the first brand
    to feature a woman
    in her
    underwear on television with the
    “We Fit America” campaign.

  • Russell is ranked 5th
    amongst apparel companies
    by Fortune Magazine in total return to investors over
    the 10 year period from 1986 - 1996.

  • Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
    purchases Fruit of the Loom, Inc.
    Russell Corporation acquires
    Moving Comfort.
    The acquisition by Berkshire Hathaway in 2002 returned the tax domicile of Fruit of the Loom back to the U.S.

  • Russell Corporation acquires
    Bike and Spalding.

  • Russell Corporation acquires
    AAI (American Athletic),
    Huffy Sports
    and Brooks Sports.

  • Fruit of the Loom acquires
    Russell Corp.* including the
    Spalding® brand.*(now Russell Brands, LLC),

  • Fruit of the Loom acquires
    the Vanity Fair Brands
    intimates business.

  • Russell Athletic launches the
    “Together We R” campaign
    to unite all athletes under
    the spirit of teamwork.

  • Fruit of the Loom announces
    the launch of a new, national
    brand campaign and platform
    titled “Start Happy.”