Corporate Social Responsibility

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The garment industry has a challenging business model, with retailers and manufacturers competing with consumer-driven, low-priced products. An industry, once primarily manufacturing in the U.S., has moved operations to manufacturing hubs in other countries quickly complicating supply chains and distancing consumers from the source of the product. In this complex model, it is imperative that companies recognize the impact of their operations and diligently work together, as part of a larger effort, with producers, manufacturers, brands, retailers, and consumers to make that model sustainable.

At Fruit of the Loom, we are committed to ensuring that our company conducts business in a socially responsible fashion, balancing the needs of the business with our impact on the environment, the people involved in our supply chain, and the communities in which we operate. Please take some time to explore the Responsibility section to gain insight into our model, the standards and expectations for our business partners, and community-strengthening activities led by our employees around the world.